Servicing and Maintenance


Maximum Efficiency


We cater for all systems; large or small, with annual or more frequent visits. Contact us today to discuss a plan, and a price, to suit your needs.

Regular servicing is essential to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly. Regular cleaning and maintenance optimises the performance of air conditioning systems, saving electricity which is better for the planet and for your wallet. It also reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and increases the lifespan of the units.

  More importantly, servicing tests for and reduces the chances of refrigerant leaks. Even a small loss of gas can hugely impact performance. Our maintenance plans are designed to ensure that F-gas regulations are met and give your peace of mind that your system is running safely and efficiently. 


cleaning fans, filters and air ducts can increase efficiency by up to 60%

Carbon Trust, 2012


Meets F-gas Regulations:

Since 2006 legislation requires owners of air conditioning systems to take measures to prevent and minimise refrigerant leakages. Runnymede HVAC are a f-gas registered company and will ensure necessary leak testing, servicing and record keeping is undertaken to keep you compliant with the law.


How often Is Maintenance Needed?

All systems are unique and so is our service. Most systems will typically require 1-2 visits a year, but we will assess each case, taking into account size, refrigerant levels and useage to ensure the plan is appropriate as well as value for money.


What If A Fault Is Spotted Or Reported?

Planned maintenance reduces the risk of faults developing and unexpected breakdowns. However should any problems occur,  breakdown call outs are included within our servicing plans. We prioritise our existing maintenance contract holders to get to you as soon as possible. Once on site, our expert engineers are trained in fault finding in a variety of systems so we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


Our Engineers Will:


Conduct a full visual inspection

Check refrigerant pressures and test for leaks to F-gas regulations

Check airflow and accuracy of controls

Check mechanical components

Test and clean condensate pumps and drains

Clean filters, coils, outdoor units and casings

Disinfect internal units



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