Heat, Cool, Dehumidify, and Ventilate –  all with precise control. Air Conditioning systems are an efficient option to both heat and cool the home. The systems we fit are quiet and reliable offering total temperature control suitable for every room in the house. Bespoke solutions to suit all areas and budgets from bedrooms and loft conversions to living spaces, cinema rooms, home gyms, pantries and walk-in fridges. Runnymede HVAC offer the latest technologies with options to control via your phone or tablet or even integrate it into your smart home system.

Service you can trust:

Our friendly team of engineers are trained and professional. We are ref-com registered, demonstrating that we are committed to upholding the highest safety standards in the industry.

We work with various reputable manufacturers and are Daikin D1 registered partners. This means we are a Daikin approved installer, can offer the most competitive prices on Daikin equipment and also offer extended warranties of up to 7 years when Daikin equipment is installed and maintained by us.


With aesthetic design


Runnymede HVAC are specialists in designing concealed Air Conditioning to blend in with your home. Often working directly with interior designers, we have many years of experience of creating the required climate without compromising on the aesthetics. We utilise creative solutions which have included shadow gaps, coloured grills and working with joiners to conceal a unit and air vent within a wardrobe, storage unit, or shelving.

Please get in touch with us for a portfolio of our work and ideas for what is possible.


all styles & budgets


Our expert team design and install a range of systems suitable for all budgets and styles. You may opt for a wall mounted unit with a sleek and modern design, or a hidden ducted system for a highly discrete climate solution. Every client and space is different and we are happy to adapt and ensure a well thought out solution tailored to your needs.


New Buildings:

Loft conversions, conservatories, open plan spaces or simply well insulated buildings often require a specialist approach to cooling and heating.


Older Buildings:

Can be made more energy efficient while respecting the historic layout and fabric of the existing building.


Specialist Rooms:

We specialise in designing and installing bespoke equipment to create the correct temperature/humidity for your wine cellars, walk in fridges, humidors, pantries etc


Heat Recovery Ventilation

Highly efficient whole-house ventilation, perfect for new builds, basements and eliminating damp


Refcom F-gas registered:

F-gas regulations govern the use of fluorinated greenhouse gasses (f-gasses). The legislation affects installers and manufacturers but also owners and users of Air Conditioning equipment with the aim of reducing harmful leakage of refrigerants into the atomosphere. As a refcom registered company you can be sure that we are complaint with legislation and will always follow best industry practice. We are also well placed to advise you on any obligations that you may have as an owner or user of Air Conditioning systems.

Daikin D1 Business Partner:

Daikin is a market leading manufacturer of Air Conditioning, offering heating and cooling solutions to suit all environments and personal preferences.  Daikin D1 status is a renowned mark of quality in the industry, giving customers assurance of training and accreditation. As a Daikin D1 partner we can offer extended warranties of 5 and 7 years when Daikin equipment is installed and maintained by us.



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