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Runnymede HVAC offer specialist services for wine storage climate solutions. We understand the importance of ensuring optimal environmental conditions for your wine cellar, wine wall or wine cabinet.

Incorrect storage environments are the main cause of sudden and unpredictable aging and deterioration of wine quality, in particular sudden fluctuations in temperature. We understand the importance of ensuring optimal environmental conditions for your wine storage and ensuring this remains constant, stable, and reliable.

We work with various quality assured manufacturers including Friax, Wine Guardian and Panasonic to find the right solution for each project. Whether you require help with wine storage design and installation, through to servicing, maintenance or repair of your mechanical equipment, our professional expertise can help.

New!: Remote Monitoring service for Wine Storage. Have complete confidence that your wine is being stored in the best condition. See our Wine Cellar Service and Maintenance section below for details.

Long term wine storage

Optimal Environments


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Typically between 12 – 14 degrees centigrade


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Ideally between 50% – 70%


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Long term consistency in the storage conditions

Temperature: High or low temperatures can effect the properties of the liquid and cause degradation of the wine quality. It is recommended that for long term preservation, wine is stored at between 12 – 14 degrees centigrade. Of course, desired short-time and serving temperatures will vary.

Stability: However, stability of the temperature is also important for long-term wine storage. Heating and cooling will cause expansion and contraction of the liquid within the bottle. This can push the wine aroma out through the cork and conversely suck new air back through the cork again when the liquid cools. To preserve the long term quality of the wine, it is important that frequent temperature fluctuations do not cause this process to happen frequently.

Humidity: Finally, the impact of humidity can be easily overlooked in wine storage, but the effects are important to consider. Too much humidity (humidity above 70%) can cause mould to form on the corks, and degrade the labels and glue. Too little humidity (below 50%) will lead to the corks drying out resulting in a loss of liquid and the subsequent deterioration of the wine.

We work with specialist mechanical equipment which is designed to ensure the ideal wine storage conditions.


Help at every stage


Our specialist, fully qualified engineers can help throughout the project, from designing bespoke systems to suit your space and requirements, to fitting, maintaining, servicing and monitoring the equipment. We frequently work closely with architects and consultants, as well as the equipment suppliers and manufactures. We have over 15 years specialist experience in designing, installing and maintaining mechanical Wine Cellar equipment so you can be sure of industry leading service.

across London and the South

Our Location


Our small team is based in Bagshot, Surrey, and operate across London and the Home Counties in the South of England.

concealed wine cooling solutions with

Quality Finishes


Engineering solutions without compromising on aesthetics. Whilst creating the ideal temperature and humidity for wine storage is our speciality, we don’t just focus on functionality; a quality finish is just as important to us. We work with architects, interior designers and joiners to create innovative and bespoke design solutions to ensure both equipment and vents are hidden and subtle. No two wine storage areas are the same, so please get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.


Designed for your Style


To create beautiful, yet functional, wine storage spaces every single project will have a bespoke design solution, which is created in partnership with your project team. We provide solutions to a variety of wine storage spaces from traditional wine cellars to glass cabinets or wine walls. Reliable cooling equipment can be completely concealed, using subtle vents and grilles used to allow air to circulate while fitting around your space and aesthetic. Click to view our wine project portfolio below, with examples of our recent work and filled with design inspiration.  



Servicing & Maintenance


Given the importance of ensuring a stable temperature in wine storage, regular planned maintenance of your equipment is important to ensure reliability. Our engineers are trained to spot potential common faults before they occur, and also ensure the system is running at its optimum efficiency. We offer a thorough maintenance service, either as a one-off visit or in accordance with a bespoke maintenance plan, designed to suit your needs and systems.


Our flexible maintenance plans, include service visits at a frequency defined by your equipment and usage. We will contact you when services are due to arrange a convenient time to access the system. 

Our routine wine cellar service visits include checks and cleaning of filters, fan coils, condensate pumps and drains which are all common causes of issues. In addition we will carry out cleaning, functional checks and refrigerant tests.

Planned maintenance reduces the risk of faults developing and unexpected breakdowns. However, should any problems occur we prioritise our existing maintenance contract holders so we can get an engineer to attend site as soon as possible.

Newly Launched!

Remote Monitoring Services

We have now launched our Remote Monitoring services, using SensorPush technology. Ideal for specialist environments such as wine cellars where precise, stable, temperature and humidity is required.

Small discrete sensors use Swiss precision to take accurate temperature and humidity readings every minute. Data can be stored on the sensor for up to two weeks.

The wifi connectivity gateway automatically connects to the internet and to send real-time climate data from the sensor(s) to RunnyMede HVAC’s  digital monitoring systems. We can also install an app on your smartphone, tablet, or home management system to view the real-time data feed.

Temperature and Humidity Alerts: Alerts are set to inform our engineers if the temperature or humidity is outside of the expected range. This enables us to quickly identify an under performing system, alert a named contact, and get a specialist engineer to you if necessary.

Regular checks on Performance Trends: Long term data trends can be analysed by an experienced engineer to identify potential issues before they become a critical fault, provide insights into ongoing equipment performance, and ensure that any alerts have been fully resolved.


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